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92 Investment Group

Where do you purchase homes?

We are interested in properties nationwide, but we specialize in the following areas; Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington DC. 

What sets 92 Investment Group apart from other real estate companies? 

92 Investment Group prides itself on education and integrity. As a company we strive to put our clients first and our personal gain last. 

Our mission of helping restore communities doesn’t stop at the purchase of a home. We are passionate about educating those around us in order to promote real estate development. 

What differentiates this company from a traditional Real Estate Brokerage or Agency? 

92 Investment Group’s sole purpose is to actually purchase your home. Real estate brokerages, auction companies, and wholesalers will attempt to sell your home for a fee or commission. Here at 92 Investment Group, you will sell your home directly to us and you will not be responsible for paying any fees related to the transaction. We are the first and last form of contact, as our company takes pride in buying and restoring homes directly from sellers. 


How will you determine the offer price for my home?

Some factors that help us determine an offer price:

  • The current condition of the home

  • The comparison of sales from homes in similar condition within close proximity

  • Renovation cost to restore the home

What fees should I expect to pay at settlement ?

As the seller, you are not responsible for any fees or agency commissions. The price we initially agree on is the amount you will receive at settlement.

Do I need to make repairs to the house before I sell?

No, we purchase homes in as-is condition.

Do you purchases homes with delinquent mortgage payments, taxes, or water bill?

Yes, our diverse team of real estate professionals allows us to purchase properties in any situation. We specialize in helping homeowners who are facing foreclosure, tax sale foreclosure, and more. 

I know someone who is interested in selling their property, what should I do?

At 92 Investment group we offer up to $2,000 as a referral reward. The referral reward will be issued once the transaction is successfully completed. 

Didn’t answer your question?

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