Can I Use my personal title company to close?

We require our title company to hold all escrow deposits and complete the transaction, but you as the buyer have the right to have a separate title company complete a title report.

Do I have to provide an Earnest Money Deposit?

Yes. EMD is required to secure any deal you’re interested in to avoid any multiple bidding situations or higher bids

overruling your offer.

When do I get access to the property?

As soon as the EMD is delivered to the title agency and all proper paperwork is completed.


How do you determine the offer price?

Some factors that help us determine an offer are: the condition of the home and the comparison of sales from homes in a similar condition that are located in close proximity.

How fast does it take for my home to close and get paid?

Overall, each closing date depends upon your housing situation, but in most cases we close no later than 30 days.

Do I need to make repairs to the house before I sell?

No. We buy homes in As-Is Condition

I know someone who wants to sell or purchase an Investment property, what should I do?

At 92 Investment group we offer up to $2,000 as a referral reward to individuals who may know of someone wanting to sell their home or purchase one of our investment properties.

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